Fall is in the air 🍂

It’s finally here, the best time of the year — AUTUMN! That’s right. Goodbye miserable heat 👋🏼 There’s something about the crisp air on a colorful morning that gets me feeling some kinda way. Here’s how I channel my love for fall 🍁 🦉 🍂

I’ll definitely be back to share more fall/Halloween entries 🤗👻



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How to Talk about Suicide ♠

Hi friends.

Earlier this week I was saddened to hear about Kate Spade’s death. More distraught than one usually is when someone famous dies… I hate to be cliche, but Kate Spade ♠ sprinkled happiness in my life and still does. Like most, receiving my first Kate Spade bag was such an exciting moment! It was around last Christmas and I remember there were only 6 hours left on the sale where I could get my dream purse 60% off. I texted my husband and asked (kinda demanded) he get online and buy it as my “big” Christmas gift. The amount of joy the purse brought was a magical!

While on the train to work, I came across two more suicides 😞. Anthony Bourdain and another individual. In addition to this, one of my coworkers experienced someone close committing suicide just last week. It’s alarming how prevalent suicide is today and that’s why I’m making this post. Below is a link I found incredibly helpful. Give the article a read, you won’t regret it.

How to Talk About Suicide in a Helpful Way